Our Commitment to Compliance

Century Homecare, LLC has established a Compliance Program for the purposes of monitoring and enforcing compliance with federal, state and local laws and regulations.  The goals of our Compliance Program are to promote honest and ethical behavior and to prevent, detect, and correct any improper and/or illegal conduct in the day-to-day activities and overall operations of our organization.

The Board of Directors and company leaders have embraced the principle of “zero tolerance” when dealing with fraud, abuse and waste.  Proper conduct is expected of each person when conducting business and performing services on behalf of Century Homecare.  All employees are required to respect patient rights and the confidentiality of their personal health information. Additionally, we will not employ or contract with individuals or companies that have been debarred, excluded or have otherwise become ineligible for participation in federally funded healthcare programs.

Each Company representative, regardless of status or position, is responsible for adhering to the Compliance Plan and the company’s Code of Ethics and Business Conduct.  Compliance training is required, initially and on an ongoing basis, for all individuals working on behalf of Century Homecare.

If any person has concerns about the integrity of the services we deliver, claims generated and/or billing processes, it is his/her obligation to bring these matters to the attention of Century Homecare’s Chief Compliance Officer.  Century Homecare will not discriminate nor retaliate against any person who, in good faith, reports a compliance problem, raises a compliance concern, or seeks compliance guidance.

Century Homecare has established a confidential Compliance Hotline and a secure email address which can be utilized to ask questions or report any compliance concerns. The Chief Compliance Officer, in accordance with the authority granted by the Company’s Board of Directors, ensures that appropriate action, including disciplinary action, is taken with respect to any confirmed instance of violation. 

Should you have any compliance questions or concerns, or wish to report a compliance issue, please contact the Chief Compliance Officer. You may also report concerns anonymously to:.

Century Homecare, LLC

65 Water Street, 2nd Floor

Worcester, MA 01604

Email:  compliance@centurycares.com

Compliance Hotline:   508-714-3823