At Century Homecare, we pride ourselves in hiring skilled, multi-lingual, multi-cultural, compassionate staff to ensure our patients receive the best possible care. Our clinicians are experienced in homecare and understand that they are guests every time they visit patients in a home setting. We conduct criminal background checks at hire and during the course of employment to ensure our patients’ safety. Our staff undergoes continuous training to ensure the patients benefit from the latest care delivery standards. You will love working with our clinicians!


In 2016, Century Homecare partnered with Quinsigamond Community College and the MA Department of Unemployment to train 10 of its home health aides to become Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN’s). Through a grant provided by the Workforce Training Fund, students would receive FREE tuition to pay for their 10-month program. Century Homecare contributed an additional amount of roughly $250,000 to pay for employee salaries while they attended the program. Century believes that we have to improve the lives of people we come into contact with, be it employees, patients, or the community in general. According to the CEO, “Paying students while they’re in classes will allow them to focus on school and not have to worry about money. When these people graduate, we’re going to have enough nurses to service current clients… This is an investment in our future. If we have good employees, the patients will follow.” (Reference:, 1/13/16). Six members of Century Homecare graduated the program to become Licensed Practical Nurses. As LPN’s, these employees were able to double their hourly pay rates and became eligible for management positions at Century Homecare.