Our Story:

Century Homecare was founded in 2012 to provide homecare services to underserved communities. The traditional VNA usually services people who need post-surgery care, while ignoring chronic disease and mental health patients. At Century, we aim to provide not only post-surgery care, but also mental health care, and care for chronic health conditions. We serve maligned communities such as the poor, immigrants, and non-English speakers in addition to the traditional homecare recipients.

Our CEO is a Doctor of Pharmacy who understands the challenges created by the opioid crisis, over-prescription, and general medication misuse. We have a lot of expertise in medication management, medication teaching, and the use of locked boxes for medications.

Our Mission:

To provide the highest quality of healthcare to empower our patients to enjoy safe, independent, and fulfilling lives in their own homes.

Our Vision:

We aim to be the industry leader in home healthcare by providing quality innovative care while honoring diversity and supporting the communities we serve.

Our Values:

C – Culturally competent care delivery of the highest quality
A – Advocacy for our patients to ensure access to care through collaboration and partnerships with families, caregivers, and other healthcare providers
R – Respectful and nurturing work environment that fosters growth and professional development
E – Engagement in the community through charitable giving and volunteering